"We loved working with Miriam. She is so reasonable in price, does great work, and is easy to work with and calming." - Cheryce P.

"We had Miriam take our photos for our engagement and for our wedding. She is truly very gifted in this field, and it shows in her pictures. She is very friendly and wants to be sure she gets all of the pictures you want at your wedding. She has you make a list of the pictures and her assistants help to make this possible. She put together a slide show to music and it literally made me cry when I watched it after our wedding. EVERYONE loved her and the pictures she took. I had one guest tell me that she wished she knew about her when her son got married because she was so good. She was moving around the wedding guests capturing everything without needing direction. Pictures last forever and that's all you have after your wedding to remember and share the day. I think the photographer is the most important vendor at the wedding and I highly recommend Miriam." - Becky B.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Miriam for my wedding photos and maternity photos. She has a unique eye that brings out the authenticity of the moment. I don't know how she does it! Maybe it's her years of experience behind the camera. I felt so comfortable being photographed by her almost completely nude for my maternity photos. She puts you at ease and gives just enough instruction to get the shot just right. Some photographers end up having so many photos to search though with many duplicates, but not Miriam; she sees the shot and captures it just perfectly in that moment. I highly recommend her for your next event." - Lorin H.